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Personal Immigration

We offer personal visa support services to foreign nationals and their families staying in Japan. We can offer consultancy related to spouse, working, permanent visa etc. and do all vicarious work for you starting from preparation of documents, application to receipt of a permission stamp on your passport. Consultation by specialists is also available. We also advise on the naturalization process.

Consultation by Our Specialists

Visa consultation by our immigration specialists is available.
Please ask for a quote and book for an appointment from the following contact.

Visa Support for Immigration Control

Support Services Offered
  • Application for the certificate of eligibility
    • Bringing spouse and children to Japan
    • Obtaining work permits for self-employed persons
  • Application for re-entry permit
  • Application for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted by the status of residence previously granted
  • Applications for permanent residency and naturalization
  • Getting a permission stamp on your passport
  • Incorporation of a company
  • Visa support for international marriage and divorce


For inquiry of Personal Immigration please contact by the following telephone/facsimile number.

  1. Within Japan : 03.6441.2423
  2. Overseas : +81.3.6441.2423
  3. Facsimile : 03.5575.7809
  4. e-mail : info*ils-co.jp    Please replace "*" with @ when sending an email.
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