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Privacy Protection Policy

ILS-INCONTROL K.K. (hereinafter referred to as "ILS-INCONTROL K.K.") takes care of immigration and visa-related application procedures on behalf of foreign nationals coming to and residing in Japan. Realizing the importance of protecting clients' personal information in this business, we have introduced a Personal Information Protection Management System. We will strive to ensure that everyone who works for ILS-INCONTROL K.K. complies with this system, and secures the appropriate use of the valuable personal information entrusted to us by our clients. We are also aware that protecting personal information is our responsibility to society, and will endeavor to protect personal information based on the following principles.

  1. We will appropriately obtain, use and supply personal information considering the content and the scale of the business. In order to prevent the use of personal information beyond the scopes necessary for particular purposes ("unintended use"), we will clarify the purpose of using the personal information, and will continuously be aware of this purpose in all the subsequent phases in using the said personal information. We will also prevent unintended uses by applying safety management measures, such as access management to the personal information.
  2. We will monitor the enactment, the amendment and the abolition of laws, ordinances, government guidelines, and other regulations concerning the use of personal information, and will promptly reflect them in our Personal Information Protection Management System whenever necessary.
  3. In order to prevent leakages, losses or impairments of personal information, we will apply organizational, personnel, physical and technical safety management measures. Should any nonconformity arises, we will eliminate its cause and take corrective action to ensure it never be recurred.
  4. We will establish requisite procedures etc., and appoint a staff member to be responsible for appropriately and swiftly responding to complaints and provide consultations. We will also take appropriate actions to minimize the impact of any problem that should arise.
  5. We will continuously improve our Personal Information Protection Management System through the results of internal audits, complaints and consultations, changes in social circumstances and progress in technology, and other influencing factors.
    Representative Directer : Tetsuya Iida
Contacts for complaints and other inquiries about the protection of personal information :
Personal Information Protection Manager Tetsuya Iida
Complaints and Consultation Officer Okawa
Address Room 806, Ark Hills Front Tower RoP, 2-23-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052
Telephone Number 03.6441.2423
(Lines open 9:00-18:00, weekdays)
Facsimile Number 03.5575.7809 (24 hours)
Inquiry via e-mail info*ils-co.jp
Please replace "*" with @ when sending an email.

Types of personal information obtained and purpose of use

When obtaining personal information directly in writing from the applicant, ILS-INCONTROL K.K. first specifies the purpose of use and obtains the applicant's consent. The purposes of using the personal information when the information is obtained otherwise are shown below. Meanwhile, when using or supplying the obtained personal information, we take appropriate measures to ensure that we remain within the scope of the consented purposes, and to ensure that the obtained personal information is not subject to unlawful access, loss, destruction, tampering, etc. We also make modifications to these measures as and when required.

1. The types of personal information to be gathered are as follows.

Application information: applicant's name, date of birth, occupation, sex, spouse, nationality, place of birth, addresses inside and outside Japan, telephone number, visa, passport, status of residence, alien registration, re-entry, Certificate of Authorized Employment, permission for activities other than those permitted in the status of residence, employer, employment, educational record, biography, personal guarantor and notification, professional record, family circumstances, past immigration history, criminal record, agent, re-entry record, training, practical skills training, entertainment, and others.

2. Purposes of using personal information

Purposes of using the information obtained through other channels than direct offering by the applicant are as follows.

  1. Consultation concerning the applicant's visa or status of residence.
  2. Consultation concerning an application for a certificate of eligibility.
  3. Management of the data on the applicant's status expiration, and advanced notification of the said expiration.
  4. Consultancy concerning applications for status-related matters pertaining to the applicant (extension of period of stay, change of status, re-entry permit, permission for activities other than what is permitted by the status of residence. etc.).
  5. Consultation concerning housemaids' visas.
  6. Preparation of various application documents, making applications with the Immigration Bureau as deputy.
  7. Obtaining permit stamps (e.g. application permit), delivery or return of documents.

3. Reporting to third parties

Applicant information will not be supplied to any third parties without the applicant's prior consent, except when ordered by laws or when requested by the applicant's employer to do so.

4. Entrustment

When entrusting personal information, we strictly evaluate and select entrustees and supervise their work based on written contracts.

  1. We entrust the said information to various affiliated law offices to represent us in making applications with Local Immigration Bureaus.
  2. We entrust the said information to translation companies to make translations in required languages.

5. Matters concerning personal information subject to disclosure

When requesting the disclosure of personal information (including notification or disclosure of the purpose of use, amendment, addition or deletion of contents, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to third parties), please use the form titled "Application for Disclosure, etc."

(1) Name of business
(2) Name and contact of Personal Information Protection Manager
Name : Tetsuya Iida
Position : Representative Director
Telephone Number : 03.6441.2423
(3) Purpose of using personal information subject to disclosure
  1. Personal information of employees, job applicants, and retired employees, etc., of ILS-INCONTROL K.K..
    - Used for personnel, labor management, hiring and other relevant matters based on laws and ordinances
  2. Clients' personal information
    - As stated in "2. Purposes of using personal information" above.
(4) Contact for filing complaints about the handling of personal information subject to disclosure :
Telephone Number : 03.6441.2423 (Mon.-Fri. 09:00-17:00, except public holidays and the New Year period)
(5) Procedures when disclosure of personal information is requested
When requesting a disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure (including notification or disclosure of the purpose of use, amendment, addition or deletion of contents, suspension of use, removal, and suspension of provision to third parties), please follow the procedures below.
  1. Notifying the party in charge
    Please call the number indicated in (4) above.An "Application for personal information disclosure" and other relevant documents will be delivered to you. Please then fill in the “Application for personal information disclosure” and return it to us.
  2. Delivering documents to confirm the identity of the applicant or of his/her representative
    The "Application for personal information disclosure" should be sent to ILS-INCONTROL K.K. together with the copy of an official document (driver's license, passport, etc.) that confirms the person's identity. We will confirm the contents of the received documents, and reply by mail. Before the delivery, the sender is required to delete all the sensitive information (e.g. permanent domicile) from the copy of the said official document. When a representative is working in between, the following documents are also required to be sent to ILS-INCONTROL K.K. to confirm the right of proxy (besides a copy of the official document confirming your identity).
    • Legal representative : An official copy of his/her family register or an equivalent document that certify the parent-child relation such as the Birth Certificate.
    • Delegated representative : A power of attorney and a certificate of the credibility of the said signature (*).
      *The certificate should be issued by a consulate of your country in Japan.
  3. Payment of fee
    For each request for notification of the purpose of use and disclosure of information, we charge an administrative fee of 300 yen (tax included, and payable by postage stamp) is charged.

6. Non-disclosure of personal information

In following cases, the disclosure request will be rejected.

  • When the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed.
  • When the disclosure is requested by a representative and the power of representation cannot be confirmed.
  • When there is a discrepancy in the submitted application for personal information disclosure.
  • When the administrative fee has not been paid.
  • When the requested personal information is not included in our “Retained personal data” and ILS-INCONTROL K.K. therefore has no authority to disclose.
  • When there is a risk to harm the life, the limb, the property or other rights, and interests of the applicant or a third party.
  • When there is a risk of significant interruption to the proper implementation of the work of ILS-INCONTROL K.K..
  • When the disclosure is in violation of other laws and ordinances.
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