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A long time has passed since the term "internationalization" was used. Our life has truly become international both in private and public and it is impossible to discuss issues without global consideration. A huge amount of information and goods are circulated around the world every day. Cross-border movement of people has become an everyday affair.

People cross-borders for travel, study or work, and therefore require visas. Each country has different regulations on visas and they change continuously reflecting economic, political and diplomatic factors. Such legal procedure is quite important and necessary to work and live in the desired country. However, there are not so many true specialists in this area of law.

Immigration control law is a special legal field except in several countries, as the subject of the law is basically for those who are not citizens of the country. In Japan, the number of specialists in the procedure of immigration control is very limited at the moment.

ILS-INCONTROL K.K. was established to provide legal assistance necessary for realizing people's desire to start a business, work or live together with their family. By providing support for the immigration procedure, we hope to help people get more freedom of choice in life beyond borders. With the latest legal knowledge, we aim to be truly trustworthy immigration lawyers with awareness of the importance of the result obtained through the procedure.

Thanks to clients' support ILS-INCONTROL K.K. has accumulated over 40,000 cases of application, in particular through our assistance to many international companies, particularly foreign companies. Based on the experience and expertise acquired by these application track records and keeping high standard of compliance, we would like to help corporate and individual clients as the best partner for immigration related business.

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